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JCN project presented during an in-service event of the VKM

The event organized was an in service training event of the program VKM (Motivational Interviewing) coaches. It took place in the Training Institute for Prison and Probation Services on 9th-10th April 2014.

Head office of Criminal Sanctions Agency was the organizer of this event. This two day training is organized every other year. It gathers together a number of VKM/MI coaches from all over Finland. During the two days the participants listened to presentations given by experts of the area of Motivational Interviewing. They also worked together to improve their knowledge and know how and also exchanged views and experiences of working with the program. Presentations were given by Pasi Malinen, Timo Tuhkanen, Tiina Honkonen, Jyri Tamminen, Harri Sarpavaara, and Tiina Vogt.-Airaksinen. Presentations of Pasi Malinen, Jyri Tamminen, Harri Sarpavaara and Tiina Vogt-Airaksinen are enclosed. Timo Tuhkanen gave his presentations without any power points or other written text. Tiina Honkonen presented her master’s thesis and did not have a separate presentation for it. About 50 persons participated at the Institute and another 50 though video device.