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Report on the 4th Workshop
"Development of Minimum Standards and Best Practice Models"
Schwerin, Germany, 2-5 April 2014

The aim of the fourth JCN project workshop is to develop a model and standards for handling high risk offenders
Schwerin, Germany
2 – 5 April 2014
Preparatory Work
  • Minutes of preparatory National Meetings
Experts involved
International and National experts that have been involved in the Workshop 4 in Schwerin, Germany

Annie Devos
Mrs. Devos is Director générale des Maisons de Justice at the Ministry of Justice Belgium. Since 2006, she runs the Directorate-General of the Houses of Justice. This Directorate-General is responsible for all probation activities in Belgium and deals with 70,000 people (mainly offenders and victims) and employs a staff of 1,200 workers. Annie Devos holds a bachelor’s degree in social science and a master’s degree in criminology. She joined the Ministry of Justice in 1987, where she worked initially as a youth protection delegate. She joined then in 1988 the prison administration as deputy director of a prison. She worked for the Minister of Justice, as advisor for the penitentiary matters, between 1991 and 1995. Since 1999, she works for the Justice Houses. From 2004 to 2008, she led a Business Process Reengineering (BPR) of the Justice Houses. In 2009 she organised a major event for the Ten Years of the Houses of Justice in Belgium, attended by several hundreds of Belgian and international experts. She is frequently invited as a speaker in conferences at national and international level in matters related to offenders or victims.

Els Sneiders
Mrs. Sneiders is Directior générale des Maisons de Justice at the Ministry of Justice Belgium.

Willem van der Brugge
Mr. van der Brugge is Secretary General of the Confederation of European Probation (CEP). Willem van der Brugge started his career 38 years ago as a nursing officer – and some years later as a unit manager – in a psychiatric hospital in the province of North Holland (the Netherlands). In 1989 he became a specialized probation worker for the Addiction and Probation Service in North Holland and established several drug-free units to work with addicted prisoners. Twelve years later he switched jobs from local policy advisor to national policy advisor at the umbrella organisation of Addiction and Probation Trusts (SVG), where he dealt with probation matters (Development of the Probation Registration System, Implementation of What Works, Redesign Supervision) but also with planning and control. For many years he was involved in the European Network on Drugs and Infection Prevention in Prison (ENDIPP). The last four years he was responsible for the operational and financial management of the SVG. Willem has a Master degree in Public Management and Governance.

Dr. Laura von Mandach
Mrs. Dr. von Mandach works as Senior Scientific Researcher at the Swiss Training Center for Prison staff in Switzerland.

Marita Derbach-Jüpner
Mrs. Derbach-Jüpner is Head of Division at the Ministry of Justice Brandenburg, Germany.

Steven Feelgood
Mr. Feelgood works at Brandenburg Prison in Germany. He is the Director of the Social Therapy Unit.

Dr. Gero Meinen
Mr. Dr. Meinen is Director General of the Ministry of Justice Berlin, Germany.

Gloria Arndt
Mrs. Arndt is Deputy Governor of Waldeck Prison, Germany.

Dr. Ulrike Schütt
Mrs. Dr. Schütt is the Director of the Diagnostic Centre of Waldeck Prison, Germany.

Wiebke Boberg
Mrs. Boberg works as Psychologist at the Diagnostic Center of Waldeck Prison, Germany.

Katja Ellenrieder
Mrs. Ellenrieder is Deputy Governor of Bützow Prison, Germany.

Christiane Anischewsky
Mrs. Anischewsky works as Head of Unit in Bützow Prison, Germany.

Dirk Manzewski
Mr. Manzewski is Head of Department of the Regional Office for Probation and Supervision (LaStar) in Rostock, Germany.

Stefan Pamperin
Mr. Pamperin works as Senior Probation Officer at the Regional Office for Probation and Supervision (LaStar) in Schwerin, Germany.

Anne Bruns-Gercken
Mrs. Bruns-Gercken works as Senior Probation Officer at the Regional Office for Probation and Supervision (LaStar) in Rostock, Germany.

Volker Horstmann
Mr. Horstmann works as Judge at the Rostock Court in Germany.

Frank Schäfer
Mr. Schäfer works as a Detective Superintendent at the Police Department Rampe in Germany.

Ulf Theodor Claassen
Mr. Claassen is a Colonel CID and works at the Police Headquarters Rostock in Germany.