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Associate Partners

Name of the organisation: Prison Administration of Republic of Slovenia
Address: Jesenkova 3, Ljubljana
Tel: +386 1 300 56 70
Fax: +386 1 300 56 20
Web site: www.mpju
Name of the contact person: Slava Novak
Function: Secretary, International Cooperation
Tel: +386 1 300 56 84
Fax: +386 1 300 56 20
E-mail: [email protected]
Name of the contact person: Lucija Božikov
Function: Undersecretary, Head of the treatment department
Tel: +386 1 300 56 34
Fax: +386 1 300 56 20
E-mail: [email protected]
The Prison Administration of the Republic of Slovenia is an authority within the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration and performs administrative and professional tasks referring to: enforcement of prison sanctions and detention, organization and management of prisons and the correctional institution, providing financial, material, staff, technical and other conditions for the operation of prisons and the correctional institution, training of staff concerning the enforcement of prison sanctions and exercising the rights and obligations of imprisoned persons. The affairs and competences are carried out by the Head Office, prisons and correctional institution which are the Administration’s internal organizational units. Prison sentences are executed in six prisons, at fourteen locations.
EXPERIENCE IN PREVIOUS PROJECTS With experiences in previous projects we provide solutions to current and future challenges within our Prison System. We have opportunities to analyse the existing situation in our prisons. Particularly:
  • Evaluation of different programs
  • Improvements in Education and training of prisoners
  • Exchange of experiences
  • The personal and professional development of our staff
EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE OF THE ORGANIZATION IN THE PROJECT’S SUBJECT AREA We do not have experiences with specific programs which are focused on high-risk offenders. We would like to gain all these programs and have opportunities to discuss about best practices concerning treatment system. During the project we are also very interested to get a comparison between all partners.
CONTRIBUTIONS THAT CAN BE PROVIDED TO THE PROJECT A community of best practises which involved many European partners is opportunity to the information exchange and learn of each other in the context of the European freedom of movement. In the project we will share different experiences and learn of others
CONTACT PERSON’S EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE Slava Novak in her 19 years of carrier on the different positions inside the prison system has developed a wide range of skills that would meet in involvement of the project. On international level she is involve in process of development of prison systems in Europe. She leads international cooperation of Prison System in Slovenia, she is a lecture of professional ethics in program of education and training of prison officers and she leads many other projects inside the prison system.

Lucija Božikov started to work within national prison Administration in 2001 and she is particularly active in the fields of Treatment imprisoned persons. She is a member of Slovenian project group for Forensic Psychiatry. She is also actively involved in duties on our Head office. From an educational perspective she is recognize as adviser of many students. She gained a detailed knowledge of the entire scope of activity of the National prison Administration.